SignOne: Resource Provisioning and Single Sign On

Organizations, whether Corporate Businesses, Portals, ASP's or ISP's - need to provide their users secure, unified access to accurate, timely, transportable information. Such information services and resources may be heterogenous - diverse operating systems, hardware, UI, databases, applications.


New users in an organization or XSP need to be given quick access to the resources and services they need to use. These users may be employees, contractors, subscribers or others. Any delay in providing access to resources reduces the productivity of users. Users also need to be prevented from accessing such resources immediately on exit or default.

Enter SignOne
The SignOne solution is based on open standard LDAP directory and Meta Directory components.
  • Provides administrators a single-point interface to add, delete, modify, or suspend users and to manage resources and applications.
  • Provides users a single sign-on to access all their authorized services
  • S2ML compliant security mechanisms across the board.
SignOne allows different access points for provisioning users
  • User self-provisioning for Internet businesses
  • Via interfaces to other systems like HR or Billing
  • Workflow-based provisioning for Enterprises
  • API's for rule based provisioning from 3rd party applications.
  • Access via Web Browser as well as desktop based client applications.
Key features and benefits:
  • Open standards Architecture
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Does not limit the type of enterprise
  • Distributed architecture
  • 2-in-1 functionality - both Resource Provisioning and Single Sign On
  • Migration tools for existing user and resource data
  • Hardware agnostic

SignOne is built using components which have been used in resource provisioning projects in large corporations, such as Sony Pictures, Procter and Gamble, and service providers like PWC’s beTrusted, Royal Bank of Scotland, British Post’s ViaMedia etc.

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