Optimizing Call Center Performance

Call Centers in the competitive ITES market need to constantly find newer ways to increase service levels, optimize processes and better utilize resources to retain a competitive edge.

Personnel expenses form 70-80 % of the

operational costs of Call Centers and optimizing utilization of human resources can provide the highest returns to ITES companies. Workforce Optimization solutions provide the means to do this, but are traditionally expensive, difficult to install, use and maintain.

Enter Irene

Irene is a state-of-the-art solution for Workforce Optimization from ISC (www.isc.com) providing the best features at the most affordable price, ease of use, rapid deployment, pay-as-you-go options and many others - and is available in both ASP and in-sourced versions.

Key Features of Irene

  • Irene Optimization Engine produces the best schedule
  • Adaptive algorithm learns your system
  • 1-Click Forecasting & Scheduling, easy to use, quick to learn
  • Simple installation, instant updates
  • Supports multiple sites, services and skills
  • Changes service and site configurations quickly and easily
  • Saves crucial time and cost
  • Agents enter their own trades, look up their own schedules
  • Available as both ASP and Enterprise versions
Irene Benefits
  • Minimal startup costs
  • Fast deployment
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
  • Multi-site, multi-time zone
  • Multiple skills / skills-based scheduling
  • Scalable to carrier class
  • Best schedule quality in the industry
  • Winner: Call Center News Service HotPick
  • Winner: Customer Interaction Solutions Editor's Choice
 Irene Online®
 Irene Enterprise®
 ISC's hosted solution available  over the internet for a low monthly  fee.  ISC's premise-based solution  available on your intranet

Irene is Copyright of ISC. ATW Technologies is the authorized reseller of Irene.