You've got m@il ....

e-mail is the strongest tool for 'stickiness', accounting for over 70% of Internet usage!

Using branded e-mail effectively can increase your customer base and their loyalty, and generate revenue streams like advertising, direct marketing and paid e-mail services for your portal or ISP.

Outsourcing this essential yet non-core activity to a specialized messaging company makes sense.
 This is where Critical Path comes in - as the world's leading outsourced e-mail and messaging service provider - providing services entirely through it's customers web sites - as the "brand behind the brand".

The best evidence of their efficacy is in this brief client list :
AT&T, Bay / Nortel, Bell Atlantic, BT, Cable & Wireless, Cisco, Ericsson, Lucent, MCI Worldcom, Nokia, Sprint, 3Com, US West, AOL, ICQ, NY Times, Time Warner, Universal Studios, Alta Vista, eTrade, WorldofSport, and in India - eIndia, ZipAhead, 123India, Satyam Infoway.

Outsourced services from Critical Path include Web mail, POP3, IMAP4, Calendaring, Scheduling, Secure and Certified File Services, X.500 and X.509 Directory Services.

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Critical Path
Our principal for outsourced email, Critical Path is the leader in this rapidly growing market.