Content is still King!  
  With the portal market becoming intensely competitive and the emergence of broadband, content has never been more important as a competitive tool to retain customer loyalty and as a potential revenue earner for second generation Internet businesses.

We are an independent content services provider, which creates and manages custom-built, exclusive content for Internet businesses.

ATW's Content Practice covers:
  • Creation
  • Management
  • Tools

Creating new content
  • Collation and Editing
  • 'Syndicated' Domain Experts
  • Web Consulting
  • Stand-alone services like e-zines, polls, contests,
    campaign, sales & support (1-800)
Management of customer content
  • Content Editing and Graphical Enhancement
  • Live-site Updation
  • Off-site Mirroring
  • Archival and Retrieval
  • Work flow Solutions
  • Statistical Reporting
Tools for content management
  • Dynamic Publisher
  • Consistency Checker
  • Statistics Monitor
  • Workflow Manager
  • Call Router